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Shipwatchers Hat

Hats are light grey with a clasp in the back.

Sorry, these are SOLD OUT!!!


Burgee with Name

$35 each, price includes shipping

(ONLY 1 LEFT !!!)


Burgee with Initials

$35 each, price includes shipping


The Port that Built a City and State (DVD)

$20 shipped

Starting in 1950 Helen Bentley took ship watching to a new level in Baltimore when she premiered her TV series "The Port that Built a City and State" at WMAR TV. For 15 years she created over 250 TV programs that took viewers behind the scenes on vessels from tugboats, to cargo ships and skipjacks...she took her cameras inside Bethlehem Steel and Glenn L. Martin and many business ringing the waterfront. They made Sunday afternoon celebrities out of dock workers, union leaders and ships crews. A special 2 hour DVD featuring many highlights from the series and an interview of Helen Bentley by veteran broadcast journalist Alan Walden is now available here, through the Ship Watchers group.

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