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The Full Story

Welcome to the Baltimore & Chesapeake Bay Ship Watchers.

"A community of shipping enthusiasts"

Some history of how the group got started....


B&CBSW beginnings started when I (the Initiator and Admin of the FB group) moved from Ellicott City

to a place that I could witness the coming and going of ships on a daily basis in 2016.

I was surprised to discover that there wasn't a ship watching group for the Baltimore area.

There are numerous railroad groups, and there are ship watching groups in Cape Fear,

for the Delaware River and the Great Lakes, but there wasn't one for Baltimore.


Knowing how much work and drama a Facebook group can create, I considered it for about 2 weeks and then Baltimore & Chesapeake Bay Ship Watchers was started on Facebook on August 17th, 2017

-B&CBSW FB group Admin M. Singer



Baltimore & Chesapeake Bay Ship Watchers would like to thank the following for their support.

Vane Bros



Wicklein Group LLC

Rukert Terminals

Domino Sugar of Baltimore

The Coast Guard Yard

Nathan and Tami Dunleavy

Robert Styles

Alicia Tyrell

Ted Yadlowsky

Jerrad Brennan

Matthew Abbott

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