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Baltimore & Chesapeake Bay Shipwatchers

A community of shipping enthusiasts

Baltimore & Chesapeake Bay Shipwatchers


We share and promote all Baltimore maritime related news,

history, discussion, photos, and of course, Shipping!!!

You'll be hard pressed to find another source

with so much Baltimore maritime information,

news and history.

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Baltimore & Chesapeake Bay Shipwatchers is a fun apolitical organization. We work to

promote and discuss all things relevant to shipping to and from the Port of Baltimore and the Chesapeake Bay.



Having moved to a place where I can witness the coming and going of ships to and from Baltimore on a daily basis in 2016, I was surprised to discover that there wasn't a ship watching group for the Baltimore area. There are numerous railroad groups, and there are ship watching groups in Cape Fear, for the Delaware River and the Great Lakes, but there wasn't one for Baltimore... until now!!!)

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